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Camas First Friday Art Walk is Tonight

Friday, February 05, 2016


Get your sweet tooth ready for tonight’s First Friday art walk in Camas, which will follow a delicious and delectable theme.

This month’s theme at the First Friday event will be a “Chocolate Affair to Remember,” in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate treats, fun themed activities, art shows, movies, prizes and more will all be a part of the First Friday February event. Downtown businesses will be serving and selling chocolate delights and other romantic gifts.

There will also be wine tastings and specials available. Other events scheduled for this sweet affair include:

    -Guess the candy jar amounts in each participating location and be entered to win the candy and other great Valentine’s themed prizes!

    -The Original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at 6:45pm and Chocolate at 3pm and 8:00pm at the Liberty Theatre
    -The Liberty Theatre will also be doing wine and chocolate tastings! Wine/chocolate paired tasting in the Granada Studio from 5:30 to 7:30.  $5 per person for tastings of 4 wines as well as Theo Organic Chocolates and others. The wines will be from Memaloose and Idiot’s Grace Wineries, both in the gorge.

    -Cake Happy will be hosting local author Ellie Alexander and book signing of “On Thin Icing”, the third book in the popular Bakeshop Mystery series, 340 NE 4th

    -Valentine’s kids crafts at the DCA table in Journey, 304 NE 4th

As an addition to this year’s event and in honor of the last season of the beloved series Downton Abbey, come dressed in “Downton” attire and be entered to win a Downton Abbey basket donated by Camas Antiques filled with things any avid fan would love.

The First Friday Art walk will kick off at 5 PM on Friday, February 5 and run until 8 PM. For more information, visit the event’s website.


Related Slideshow: Portland’s Top Five Chocolate Chip Cookies

Most Portland bakeries carry their own chocolate chip cookies, like their version of a calling card. Here are our five favorites. 

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Back to Eden’s Gluten-Free, Vegan Chip Cookie

Taking traditional pastries and sweets and turning them into gluten-free and vegan, treats makes co-owner and executive chef Garrett Jones seem like a mad scientist. After trying many gluten-free or vegan cookies, Jones’ chip cookie was the clear winner of the GF/V category with a cookie that tastes original and moist.

When transitioning to a gluten-free bakery in 2012, Jones said that the cookies were one of the last recipies to flip – the chip cookie being the more difficult to pin down:

“For some reason the chip cookies were not working out by simply replacing the wheat flour with our GF flour like many other recipes, so I started from scratch. I created an entirely different cookie than the super traditional ones we used to sell and honestly, I like them better.”

With maple syrup as the main sweetener in this cookie, it gives the chip cookie a graham cracker flavor that is unmatched by any other bakery and makes them one of Back to Eden’s top selling favorites.  

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Sweedeedee’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sweedeedee made the list as the cakiest of the bunch along with slabs of chocolate folded in and layered like rock formations. A place more famous for its pies than cookies, their chocolate chip cookie creation still holds a place of honor. A great addition to their jam-packed breakfasts and lunches of corncakes and sandwiches made on in-house bread, the Sweedeedee chocolate chip cookie makes a meal complete.

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Little T Bakers’ “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever”

At $3.50 a pop, this cookie is not to be taken lightly. Loaded with woodblock chocolate and locally grown Oregon hazelnuts from Freddy Guy’s Hazelnut Orchard in the mid-Willamette Valley, you are about to get schooled on how a chocolate chip cookie becomes godlike.

The texture of the chocolate perfectly matches the texture of the dough, which is also flecked with woodblock chocolate. You’re not sure where dough begins and chocolate ends. It’s a cookie you taste and wonder: “How did they do this?” If you’re not a huge fan of nuts in your cookie, they also have their more modest, and yet just as delicious, regular chocolate chip cookie. Many of you may find this blasphemous, but when Little T labels only one of their pastries with “Best Ever,” you better believe. 

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Pearl Bakery’s Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookie

This cookie looks very unassuming, but when split open, another world appears: a mosaic of pecans, chocolate pieces, and a crunchy outer layer to a tender middle of cookie dough make up the bulk of this beast of a cookie.

It’s something that reads like a New Orleans style pecan praline stuck in a chocolate chip cookie’s body. Hints of brown sugar and orange peel make this cookie unpredictable and exciting to eat. Certainly Pearl, who has housed some of Portland’s celebrated bakers, has made a cookie that contends for the top year after year. 

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Alma Chocolate’s “Oh My God” Chocolate Chip Cookie

Alma has been handcrafting bon bons, barks, infamous chocolate icons and baked goods in their Northeast location since 2005. As chocolatiers, it seems pretty obvious that they could turn out a cookie that makes you say “oh my god” as you eat it.

This cookie is by far the chewiest on the list - the dough gives off a salty-toffee, beautifully fatty, taste with studded bits of espresso-bitter chocolate chips making it well balanced and as thoughtful a baked good as you can eat in three quick bites.


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