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MPA Delivers Provocative Collapse At Art Center

Tuesday, September 08, 2015



This saturday, artist MPA will unveil a temporary, site-specific installation called Nothing To You at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

MPA is an artist who observes the human body as simultaneously orbiting and rejecting the social climate of the space they inhabit. MPA's work has been in in venues such as the Swiss Institute, the Whitney Museum of American Art, LACE, the Stedelijk Museum, and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca. Her work has contrasted the military-industrial complex and corporate presence against the intrinsically maternal, as well as document the frozen imprint of her father's fist.

For Nothing To You, MPA will "direct an action that tours the perimeters of thoughtful collision between bodies, objects and sound within the space." during an approximately 45-minute performance and installation. MPA is a frequent collaborator and joins Chiara Giovando for Nothing to You. Giovando has curated the current series as Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

"I do not believe that this performance will put people into a transcendental state. We would need much more time together to accomplish this.  So, what to do in the meantime?" - MPA

Disjecta works to put forth progressive exhibits and installations from visual and performing artists across a broad spectrum. They provide a professional platform for those artists both nationally and in the region. For fifteen years, Disjecta has served Portland's need for accessible, cross-platform artistc exhibition. They hosted over 500 shows, 3,000 artists and 30,000 patrons at their former location. They are now in a 12,000-square-foot former bowling alley. 

Doors open at 6 PM on Saturday, September 12th. This is a free event. 


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The students of the Art Institute of Portland, will be taking over the Portland Fashion Week runway tomorrow night, Thursday October 2 at Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

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Hannah Pare

Hannah Pare 

Portland transplant Hannah Pare just graduate from The Art Institute of Minneapolis with a degree in Fashion Design. Straight jackets and moldy abandoned insane asylums, are the inspiration behind Pare’s senior project. Get ready to see lots of pumpkin orange, gold, and tan androgynous garments go down the runway. 

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Tania Naef

Mother of five Tania Naef, enrolled into the BFA Apparel Design program after her last child graduated from high school. With a background in theatrical costumes and custom clothing, Naef did her internship with Portland Opera Costume shop, and is inspired by motion picture and theatrical design. 

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Bianca Spring

Spring enrolled in The Art Institute of Portland, because of the lack of trendy plus-size clothing options out there. Her “Set Fire To the Rain” collection (named after the song by Adele, Spring’s inspiration) will feature a combination of 50’s and 60’s style garments. In the future Spring hopes to be part of a production company that specializes in plus size fashion. 

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Anya Shevchenko

Anya Shevchenko went into the Apparel Design program at The Art Institute  straight out of high school. Her garments are tailored to the shape of the body. She wants to open her own business making apparel for women, in the future. 

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory 

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Melissa Dixon

Dixon was a production sewer for a clothing manufacturer in West Point, Utah before enrolling in Apparel Design at The Art Institute. Her sister a successful fine artist, gave her the confidence to pursue her dream. Dixon wants to have a career in pattern making in the future. 

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Mandy Nelson

Before enrolling into the Apparel Accessories program at The Art Institute, Mandy Nelson was a engineering student longing for a creative outlet. Her muses range from religion, art, and science. She hopes to continue to “work with my hands and exercise my imagination.”

Photo Credit: iStock 


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