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slides: Beauty New Year Resolutions from Top PDX Fashionistas

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Fashion Designer Wendy Ohlendorf's medicine cabinet.

GoLocalPDX asked a few Portland based bloggers, musicians, and fashion designers what their beauty resolutions are for the new year. 

See Slides Below: Beauty New Year Resolutions from Top PDX Fashionistas

Personal stylist and image consultant Jennifer Harris of JDHSTYLE, gave GoLocalPDX many beauty tips and resolutions such as one of her go to’s, exfoliate and moisturize daily.

“As a busy style guru, of advancing age, ahem, I try to take care of my skin. Especially, with this dry, cold weather. It can be harsh,” said Harris.  

Jessica Kane, owner of SKORCH magazine and blogger of Life & Style of Jessica, told GoLocalPDX readers to throw away that old and dry mascara as it does expire.

“I have a bit of a foot fetish so to speak,” said Portland fashion designer Wendy Ohlendorf of Boulevard de Magenta. “I love pedicures but don’t always have time to spend in the salon.  I keep a big basin here at home that I fill with Epsom Salts, dried herbs and botanicals, and green clay, or Aura Cacia Balancing Sage Mineral Bath.” Check out Ohlendorf's fashions at the first annual Fashion Meets Film event this month. 

Model and health coach Tiffanie Ranea-Stevenson, told GoLocalPDX her beauty tip, saying that eating healthy is important because “you can never make up for improper nutrition.” 

Local Portland musician Thomas Yates of band Melville, said that the band (currently recording their first full-length LP) wants to be conscious of and perpetuate an image of professionalism.

See what these Portlanders had to say about their new year resolutions and secret beauty tips below.   


Related Slideshow: Beauty New Year Resolutions from Top PDX Fashionistas

GoLocalPDX asked a few Portland based bloggers, musicians, and fashion designers what their beauty resolutions are for the new year. 

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Confidence is Key!

Kemea Smith, GoLocalPDX Contributor

New Year Resolutions: 

"Continue to thank the people I care about daily for making me laugh, smile, and love." 

Beauty Tip: 

"Confidence is ALWAYS the best accessory!"

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Drink More Water

Wendy Ohlendorf, Boulevard de Magenta  

New Year Resolutions: 

"My worst beauty habit:  Not drinking enough water! I really am going to try to DOUBLE my intake this year!"

Beauty Tip: 

"My best beauty secret is Erika Roloff at the Sephora store downtown. Erika is a senior artist and has really helped me with my skin woes. She also has the insider tips on product dos and don’ts."

"One of my favorite combinations is the Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Oil mixed into a paste with the Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder.  This combination is magic!"

Photo Credit: James Clark (image cropped)

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New Trends

Jessica Kane, Life & Style of Jessica and SKORCH Magazine

New Year Resolutions: 

“My resolution is don't be afraid to try new trends, and ditch the mascara as you need a fresh tube every year - they actually do expire."

Beauty Tip: 

"Actually use moisturizer instead of baby wipes."

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Jennifer Harris, JDHStyle 

New Year Resolutions: 

"For 2015, I resolve to always SHOP LOCAL. I want to spend my dollars and time, supporting our local designers and boutiques." 

"As far as a personal resolution, I resolve to be kinder to myself.  I am an over-ambitious scheduler.  Time is our most precious commodity. I resolve to take some of that time and invest it in downtime."

Beauty Tip: 

"LAUGH daily. The wrinkles are coming. It is better to have smile & laugh lines then it is to have scowl and frown lines."  

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More Sleep

Tiffanie Ranea-Stevenson, Model, Creative, Blogger, and Health Coach.  

New Year Resolutions:  

"My beauty New Year's Resolutions would be to have a better sleep schedule."

Beauty Tip:

"My beauty tip would be clean eating. You can never make up for improper nutrition."

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Thomas Yates, Bass Guitarist for Melville

New Year Resolutions: 

"In organizing our musical plan, we came to the realization that we want to project an image of understated professionalism. The reason for this is two-fold: First, we consider ourselves professional musicians. Second, we want our image to support the original music we make, not interfere with it. So, we have resolved to be conscious of, and perpetuate that image." 


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