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slides: Inside the Fitting Room with Scarlet Chamberlin

Thursday, April 02, 2015


Scarlet Chamberlin, photo by Steven Bloch

Like many of us, I’m my own worst critic when it comes to how I look. During a recent photo shoot where I was the subject (rare), I sat behind the lens feeling strong, playful, sexy. I felt alive and seen by the photographer. It was so fun. 

Then it came time to choose an image (less instagram filters). I can’t lie, it was hard to quiet the demons in my head. 

Then I remembered, my lines are from smiling, the bags under my eyes are from living, my imperfect skin is from my Mom, and my thick thighs are from my Dad. Gotta love ‘em. There is only so much we can do to mask things, I’m all for acknowledging them, then moving forward into the opportunity. 

My opportunity is this - the chance to write to you. 

See Slides Below: Chamberlin's Spring Wardrobe Staples and Styling Tips

Much of who we are can be expressed through our outer appearances. The instances when we mind what we look like often have to do with a meaningful occasion, a new endeavor, or a transformation that has some weight to it. One way to bring more of yourself forward is to develop a sense of style. 

Style is about much more than pretty things, or the It bag, or the of-the-moment trend - it’s about your your personal experience. 

In my work as a Personal Stylist, I listen to stories from women and men about their lives, their aspirations, their inspirations, and their insecurities. We identify a direction for their overall look and we dress them for the person they are becoming... the one that is inside them already, hinting to come out to play. 

I’ve been with over 250 individuals in the fitting room. I watch women embrace their beauty, confidence and creativity; I see men discovering that dressing well really does make an impact; I see people becoming aware and attentive to small details and quality. 

What I will share here are real stories related to style and fashion. I hope to make you laugh, relate, feel curious and engaged with what’s going on in Portland and beyond. 

Across the board, women are seeking out fabrics that feel sensual on, silhouettes that move with them, reveals that hint tastefully at a little skin, shoes that are actually walkable - feminine details that balance out minimalist, tomboy basics in a fashion forward and wearable way. 

Just yesterday, I heard a client liken her new sweater to a mullet, “It has a super deep V in the back. As in, show-your-bra-strap deep. So it is kind of like a mullet sweater – business in the front, party in the back.” I’m thinking “go on girl, it’s time to party!” 

She’s in her forties and is finding her fashionable self again after the child-bearing years. It is refreshing to see women taking risks with their fashion. I encourage it. They don’t want to look like they are trying too hard to look young, yet they aren’t going to give up and get sucked into the vortex of yoga pants because it’s comfortable and easy and it passes in Portland. 

Another woman in her seventies said “I have the constitutional right to bare arms.” Meaning she does wear sleeveless tops on occasion and doesn’t feel ashamed of it even when other ladies, including family members she said, judge her on it.   

In the words of one of my style icons, Mr. Pharrell Williams, “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you are going. It doesn’t have to be bright, it doesn’t have to be loud. It just has to be you.” 

Rise above fashion complacency and be you. 

On that note, here’s a small selection (in the slides below) of unique items and ideas on how to style them for this incredibly frenetic sort of weather we are having during Spring in Portland. Enjoy! 

~ Scarlet  

Scarlet Chamberlin, LLC, A Personal Styling Consultancy

Instagram: @scarletchamberlin 
Twitter: @scarletstyle 
Facebook: PersonalStyleByScarletChamberlin


Related Slideshow: Chamberlin’s Spring Wardrobe Staples and Styling Tips

Here’s a small selection of unique items and ideas on how to style them for this incredibly frenetic sort of weather we are having during Spring in Portland. Enjoy! 

~Scarlet Chamberlin

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Peep Toe Ankle Boots

Show off the bright pedi you got last weekend when the sun was shining and stay warm in the rain. Find a pair with a substantial sole to keep your feet dry on wet pavement. A slanted or notched vamp will elongate your legs and look great with fitted jeans or dresses. I got mine at Halo

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Lightweight Floral - men

Guys, I’ve seen short and long sleeve floral shirts at Communion in masculine colors. Pull them off with dark denim and rugged accessories. Wear them layered under a sweater or blazer on cooler days.

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Lightweight Floral - women

Gals, florals are everywhere. I like a floral with black in the print so I can edge it out easily with other black basics. This dress is easy to wear with flat sandals, hair up, and a bright girly purse. Or winterize it on the cooler days with a long black cardigan, belt, socks and ankle boots. This one is from Parallel.

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Embroidered Top

Try this top from EG Page under a white blazer with boyfriend jeans and heels right now (it’s raining as I type). Wear it with white jeans, layered necklaces and flippies come summer. Kick it up a notch with an orange-y red lip.   

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Chic Rain Coat

This PVC free rain slicker has got some serious style points. TerraNewYork offers bike commuter friendly versions too. I’ve seen knock-offs at places like Forever21, but this one won’t make the unpleasant sound of rubber against rubber and it also won’t discolor over time.


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