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Inside the Fitting Room with Scarlet Chamberlin, Pre-Fall ‘15

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Men's fashion has been on my mind as of late with plenty of guys asking questions about what to wear when it's unbearably hot, where to get cool summer sandals, and what they'll need come fall. I put together a mini style guide covering the top questions from my Fashionable Male clients. Enjoy!

Sunglasses | Shirt | Sandals | Shorts | iPhone Case | Galvanized Grill Bucket | Sun Tarp

Summer's #1 question from you gents has been what to wear in the way of warm weather shoes and, in general, how to not sacrifice style on crazy hot days! When it's super hot, hitting the beach can be the only relief. This look sets your scene from a shade throwing tarp to a portable Galvanized Grill- perfect for a full day river-side. These sandals by Reef are supportive, comfy and water friendly!

T-Shirt | Shoes | Fedora | Garden Tool Bag | Sunglasses | Shorts

Patrick and I have been honing our green thumbs and rocketing our tomato plants to nearly 7ft now! This look is inspired by a summer evening when we harvest the produce to grill for a gathering with friends on our patio as the sun sets. A convenient Tool Tote keeps your garden gear close and organized, and a straw fedora protects from the sun!

Shirt | Shoes | Tie Clip | Tie | Briefcase | Pants

Another point of focus has been what to anticipate for fall. Brown suiting is coming through in a big way and what better combo than brown and navy! We took Shia Labeouf's slim tailored brown suit as inspiration for this look. Add a pop of color in your tie clip to keep it ultra cool.

Jacket | Shoes | Apple Watch Strap | Moneywrap | Pants | Sunglasses | Shirt

It's only a matter of time before the rainy days creep in. The Commuter collection from Levi's offers their classic jackets with a hide-able hood. All you Apple Watch wearers need to check out this leather interchangeable watch strap. It goes with everything.

Jacket | Bracelet | Pocket Knife | Jeans | Shirt | Socks | Boots

Autumn and adventure go hand in hand. This t-shirt is dreamy. An inlaid pocket knife can come in handy when you least expect it. And this leather bracelet will look even better as it ages- wear it everywhere, even in the shower.

Scarlet Chamberlin, LLC, A Personal Styling Consultancy

Instagram: @scarletchamberlin 

Twitter: @scarletstyle 

Facebook: PersonalStyleByScarletChamberlin


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