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Filmed By Bike Festival: Call For Entries

Monday, January 05, 2015



Filmed by Bike is seeking entries for this year's festival; submission deadline is January 20th.

Bike-loving film goers and film-loving bike riders come together for a cinematic celebration of bike-themes movies at Filmed by Bike, now in its 13th year. The festival is seeking submissions for this year's festival; submission deadline is January 20th.

Filmed by Bike is a film festival featuring events and the best bike movies from around the world. The 2013 Festival's Golden Helmet Award went to San Francisco film producer Brandon Loper, for his delightful short film, entitled Unwieldy Beast (shown below).

Unwieldy Beast from brandon loper on Vimeo.

Over 100 movies are submitted each year but only a select few will make the final cut. An esteemed panel of nine jurors will spend two days watching submissions to determine which films make it into the festival. (http://FilmedByBike.org/the-jury)

Festival founder Ayleen Crotty says the festival has seen quite a shift in submissions over the years, ”We used to receive the vast majority of our film submissions from Portland-based filmmakers, 60% came from outside the US in 2014.” 

Could this be the start of an international bike film festival? Over the years the quality of the films improved as the culture of cycling has grown and evolved from a fringe culture to a much more sophisticated group. Films range from simple do-it-yourself camera phone genius to elaborate mini-documentaries produced on high-performance equipment.  

Ayleen says she relishes this opportunity to showcase international bike culture. “Portland is an amazing city that has for many years been at the forefront of a global bike movement, but other cities worldwide are also embracing bicycle creativity. Filmed by Bike offers festival goers an opportunity to see what's happening all over the world, and I think that's important—and thrilling.”

The 2015 Filmed by Bike festival is scheduled May 22-23 at the Hollywood Theatre in NE Portland, a new and larger venue for the festival. Auxiliary events such as after parties, beer tastings, filmmaker Q+As, panel discussions and workshops will take place at the Festival Lounge, located a block away from the theater at Velo Cult Bike Shop and Tavern.

Final film selection will be announced in February, and tickets go on sale in March.

For more information on submitting a film to Filmed by Bike, see FilmedByBike.org/submission.


Üma Kleppinger is a Portland-based copy writer, author and bike addict. A recovering sesquipedalian who blogs about life in the saddle and outdoor adventure, she is also the author of Bike Yoga, a flexibility and recovery program for cyclists. When not writing, she can be found riding and racing her mountain bike throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you have cycling-related news to share, events to promote, or  deep thoughts about this or any other cycling related matters, shoot her a nice email.


Related Slideshow: 12 Things That People in Portland Say

Portlanders say the strangest things.  

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“Do you have any food avoidances?”

Yes, we are a sensitive, particular, discerning and highly allergic people. Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, we don’t want GMOs, MSG, or HFT (high fructose corn syrup). There can be no artificial flavors or additives in our cage-free, free range or free run chicken and fresh, wild, line-caught salmon. PS: we can’t eat salt, gluten, dairy, yeast or anything with nuts or legumes in it.

It’s a miracle we eat anything at all.

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"Thank God It’s Raining"

Yes, it rains a lot here and we like it that way. Get used to it. 

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"Which high school did you go to?"

We like to size people us based on where they went to high school. We can basically tell everything about someone judged solely on whether they went to Grant, Lincoln or Jesuit. And there are no bad high schools in Portland when it comes to the alumni. School pride is central to being a true Portlander.

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"Actually, I don’t own a car or a TV."

We just ride our bikes and watch Netflix huddled around our laptops.

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"So, how do you spend your time?"

We basically want to know if you have a real job.  Maybe you are embarassed that you work as a telemarketer, but are really into cosplay, or happen to spend a lot of time as an unaccredited expert on the Spanish Civil War. We don’t want you to feel labeled by your job. Many of us define ourselves by our hobbies. 

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"That’s really far, it’s like a 20 minute drive."

If you live far away from us, like more than five miles, we just aren’t going to see you. OK? Our sense of distance is calibrated to 10-minute drives, 30-minute bike rides or 2 hours on a bus. If we have to drive more than 20 minutes, we better be headed to the wilderness.

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"Really? What kind of artist are you?"

We’re all artists here. You can tell us.

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“Yeah, I’ll totally be there.”

This often means we'll totally NOT be there. It’s not that we are flaky, but we just don’t like to say no to people to their faces. It would seem so mean to say that we don’t want to go to your show, or art opening, or help you move. Making up an excuse would be too much work. So, you'll figure it out soon enough.

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"Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland."

Yeah, we don’t know what that means either. But we do know that there’s no fluoride in the water, so our glands must be in great shape.

Photo Credit: Eaaumi, WikiMedia CC

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"Rain followed by showers."

It's not splitting hairs, OK? There is totally a difference. In fact, our wonderful Northwest precipitation comes in very subtly different styles. 

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"…It’s the California People."

No matter what is wrong in Portland or Oregon, you can be pretty sure someone from California is actually at fault.

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"No, I’m not Amish. It’s a Parson’s Hat"

We have our own style in Portland: kilts, corsets, top hats. You name it, we’ll wear it. So whether it’s something vaguely Victorian or something slightly lumberjackish, whatever we have on, we're totally comfortable in it.


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