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Gladys Bikes the Latest Victim of Bike Theft

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Gladys Bikes owner Leah Benson is "focusing on the positive moving forward" after a break-in and theft last night.

Gladys Bikes, recently voted Best Women Focused Bike Shop in the country, was burglarized last night in the wee hours of the morning. Thieves broke into the Alberta Street shop through the front door and stole two bikes. 

Owner Leah Benson received the call long before the sun rose and began her day cleaning up shattered glass and making the necessary calls to have repairs made to the storefront.

On her facebook page, Benson reported the break in seems unrelated to anything riot-related, as many have asked. It appears to have been an isolated theft, resulting in two stock bicycles being stolen from inventory. No customers' bikes were taken, and no other items seem to be missing.

Benson wrote:

"I'm saddened, I'm stressed and I'm angry, but I am also fully aware that Gladys Bikes getting broken into is not the worst thing that happened last night…

The bikes stolen were a 46cm Bianchi Lupo and a size Small Liv Alight City. Please be on the lookout for them on Craigslist, bike shops and wherever else you can think of that might be helpful."

Benson urged the community to keep an eye out for the bikes, but also to "keep in mind these are pretty common models of bikes and many people own them who aren't bike thieves".

Dozens of customers and community supporters have stopped by today to show their support for the business, dropping off snacks and delivering high fives. 

"It's a major bummer any time your space is violated, but we're lucky nothing more was taken," Benson said in an interview this afternoon. "Winter is tough for bike shops, when sales slow in colder months, so while there's never a good time for a break in, now is particularly difficult. I'm focusing now on moving forward, and really taking in the positive side of this which has been the outpouring of support from the community."

To address the many inquiries from customers and fans about what they could do to help, Benson wrote: 

"I think that many of you appreciate us for being genuine and honest as individuals and as a business, so I'm going to be straight with you: We're new, we're small and insurance doesn't cover everything; having a few thousand dollars worth of goods and window replacement isn't the easiest pill to swallow. Been putting off a tune-up? Had your eye on a bike for months and been waiting for the right time to buy? Lusting over that rain cape or pannier? If you're in need of a product or service we offer, now wouldn't be a bad time to drop by."

One fan of Gladys Bikes has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2000 to  help pay for loss and damages. The author of the campaign is s customer, not employed by the shop in any way, and wrote:

"Gladys has been incredibly supportive of the entire biking community—from other shops to regular riders to women looking for a better fitting ride. With Thanksgiving around the corner, this is an opportunity to spread some gratitude and support to this wonderful shop in a time of need."

To make a contribution to the shop, visit: http://www.gofundme.com/SupportGladys

Üma Kleppinger is a Portland-based copy writer, author and bike addict. A recovering sesquipedalian who writes about life in the saddle and outdoor adventure, she is also the author of Bike Yoga, a flexibility and recovery program for cyclists. When not writing, she can be found riding and racing her mountain bike throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Related Slideshow: 10 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving Day

Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep your diet and exercise goals in tact on the biggest food holiday of the year. 

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Do NOT Skip Meals

Limit your intake of calories leading up to the big day. Eat breakfast and a protein-packed lunch before the big feast. If you starve yourself during the day, you could wind up SO hungry that by the time you sit down at the dinner table you eat WAY too much food. 

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Lean Meat

Go for lean, white meat turkey to get the most bank for your calorie-buck. Dark meat has about 15 % more calories and 30-40% more fat than light meat. If you prefer the dark meat, then at least take off the skin since that is where most of the fat (added calories) is. 

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Protein First

Start with the protein (animal or vegetarian). Start with your protein choice and then work on the vegetables. Leave the starchy carbs until the end. The protein will help slow the brake down of the starchy carbs. All that chewing will help you to feel full before you get to the starch. 

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Pause and take some breaths. After you finish each dish on your plate put your fork town. Take a couple of slow deep breaths. Enjoy what you've previously eaten before starting on the next dish. The deep breaths don't have to be obvious. Taking pauses and some deep breaths will also help aid digestion.

Photo Credit: shawnzrossi via Compfight cc

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Choose calorie free beverages. If you are going to be having alcoholic beverages then everything else you drink should be calorie free. Skip the pop, coffees and juices. Drink lots of water to avoid the dehydration that comes along with drinking too much. 

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Side Dish

Ask if you can make a side dish - make it an easy guilt free dish so you will have at least one thing to splurge on. Veggie dishes don't have to be boring.

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Burn calories! The more calories you burn with activity, the more food you can consume without feeling terrible about it. Do not skip the exercise leading up to the feast or on the day of. Make time to get to exercise and raise your heart rate. Your metabolism will thank you for it.

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Your Outfit

Wear form fitting clothing and you will be less likely to overeat. No sweat pants or stretchy pants. No one wants to see you with your pants unbuttoned after the meal. 

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Your Plate

Use a salad plate instead of a regular dinner plate. If your plate is smaller you will not have as much room on it and won't overload it with too much of the stuff you shouldn't have a lot of. Also, this helps trick your eye; no one likes to see half their plate empty.

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Keep your goal in mind! Although you may only overindulge a couple times over the holidays- a little plus a little plus a little adds up to a whole lot. Remind yourself why you are choosing to lose weight and keep that goal in the forefront of your mind. 

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Bonus Tip!

Have a hard boiled egg or 10  nuts about 45 minutes prior to the main meal. Having approximately 70 - 100 calories will help you to minimize your level of hunger so you can better control your portion sizes. 


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