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Foodies Favorite Finds: Jessica Zutz Hilbert of Red Duck Foods

Monday, July 13, 2015


Jessica Zutz Hilbert (Far Left)

Hailing from the east coast, this week’s “foodie” expert is Jessica Zutz Hilbert, the co-founder of Red Duck Foods

Throughout the balmy East Coast summers of her youth, Hilbert counts rebelliously eating fresh spinach right out of the ground from her dad’s garden as some of her early favorite memories. Hilbert came to the West Coast to attend Stanford University where she played varsity field hockey and softball. After graduating, the restaurant world came calling so she moved to Southern California where she earned her chops running restaurants in Santa Monica. 

She embarked north on the Oregon Trail to study law, sports business, and entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon, and hopes to one day see Red Duck served in stadiums and ballparks across the country. Hilbert loves playing whatever sport is in season, exploring the artisanal food offerings of Oregon and teaching her toddler, Kayla, new tricks. 

Now after years of traveling, Hilbert seems to have found a home at Red Duck Foods in Oregon. 

Red Duck Foods is Oregon’s premier condiment company founded in Eugene, Oregon by three University of Oregon students on the belief that regular condiments didn’t cut the mustard. Red Duck Ketchup, the company’s first product line, dares to elevate the popular condiment by using high-quality, organic ingredients. With four inventive flavors including, Classic, Spicy, Curry and a rotating seasonal flavor, Red Duck Ketchup complements dishes from burgers and fries to grilled lamb and baked oysters. In 2015, Red Duck expanded their product list and introduced cocktail sauce to their line of condiments. Red Duck’s products focus on using honest ingredients while providing a unique twist on familiar flavors.

For instance, Red Duck spicy ketchup takes their proprietary Latin-infused spice blend and combines it with a few other secret ingredients to complement classic Mexican flavors. It’s got a kick, but the secret ingredient gives it a nice smooth finish. Meanwhile, Red Duck’s classic ketchup flavor is a twist on traditional ketchup that marries a hint of sweet balsamic vinegar with a trace of smoky spices. They drew inspiration for this recipe from the fresh heirloom tomato salads everyone enjoys every summer - delicious balsamic reductions, tomatoes, and the smoke of the grill in the background.

To get a taste of some of these sumptuous condiments, be sure to visit one of the many stores that sell Red Duck products. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a lesser known spot to grab bit. Hilbert makes the following suggestion.

"When I'm thinking of favorite "getaway" spots in Portland, the first one that pops into mind is Double Dragon. The food, for me, is such a welcome departure from the ketchup-heavy fare I find myself tasting on a very regular basis. Every single bite I've had there has been memorable. The brisket banh mi is the stuff of dreams - the meat melts in your mouth, the pickled veg are a most welcome tang & burn, and the bread sops it all up. Most often, I'm enjoying this awesome fare with a cold beer - and the taps are constantly rotating so there's always something fresh and new. I'm certainly not shy to say that I'm a sucker for a solid Dark and Stormy and Double Dragon certainly doesn't disappoint here. I love that every time we walk in we're greeted with a jolly 'the ketchup girls!' greeting...and I also love that it's only a block away from our office. My fellow Red Ducks and I always dread Mondays because they aren't open!"

To purchase Red Duck products click here for store locations. 

Double Dragon, 1235 SE Division Street. Tuesday – Friday 11:30am – Midnight, Saturday 11:30 – 2am, and Sunday 11:30am – 10pm. 


Related Slideshow: The 10 Legendary Food Challenges in Portland (Big Eaters Club)

Looking to challenge your appetite? Here are some possible food challenges that may spark your interest.

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Casa del Sol

Food: Burrito

Price: $22

Challenge: It's all free if you eat 2 pounds of carne asada, 10 ten inch tortillas, and a side of beans and rice. If you eat this all in 30 minutes you can also get a $15 gift card or a Casa del Sol t-shirt.


Casa del Sol, 14324 S.E. Division St. and other locations. [link to website], 97236, 503-762-1033

Photo Credit: jeffreyw via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Mad Greek Deli

Food: Sandwich

Price: $30

Challenge: 8 pound massive Mad Greek Sandwich, 1 lb. of Greek fries, and a 32-ounce drink must all be consumed within one hour. If you accomplish that goal (and you must) you will receive all the money in the pot which is at $640 right now. If you fail, at least you have a new pot in your belly to take home.


Mad Greek Deli, 1740 E. Burnside St. [link to website], 97214, 503-645-1650

Photo Credit: Antonio Fajardo i López (Own work) Live look

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Voodoo Doughnuts

Food: Doughnut

Price: $4.25

Challenge: Eat a gigantic glazed doughnut in 80 seconds. Guess what you get if you eat the Texas doughnut... You guessed it! A button thats says, "You Win!"


Voodoo Doughnuts, 22 SW 3rd Ave. [link to website], 97204, 503-241-4704

Photo Credit: travel oriented via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Sayler’s Old Country Kitc

Food: 72 ounce steak

Price: $65

Challenge: One 72-ounce medium rare top sirloin steak must be consumed with all the trimmings: 2 pieces each of celery, carrots, olives, dill pickles, one regular salad, ten french fries or one baked potato and one slice of bread. To top it off you also must eat a dish of ice cream and drink a regular sized beverage. If you chew this all down in one hour you will get the dish free of charge and the honor of being “that guy/girl.”
Winners so far: 8 women and 571 men. Losers? 39 women and 1,285 unlucky dudes.


Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen, 10519 SE Stark St. [link to website], 97216, 503-252-4171

Photo Credit: Petr K (Own work) Live link

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Skyline Burgers

Food: Burger

Price: $25

Challenge: It’s all about the 4 1/2 lb. Quadzilla Burger. Scarf that sucker down with a coke and a pound of fries in less than 30 minutes and you don’t have to pay for it.


Skyline Burgers, 2200 NE Broadway St. [link to website], 97232, 503-808-1553

Photo Credit: stu_spivack via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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The Original

Food: Poutine

Price: $25

Challenge: Consume 5 lbs. of poutine—cheese curds, potatoes and gravy—within 30 minutes and you not only get your meal free but you also get a free t-shirt. As of right now this competition is discontinued, but in a couple of months you may be able to take on the challenge.


The Original Dinerant, 300 SW 6th Ave. [link to website], 97204, 503-546-2666

Photo Credit: yurilong via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Stepping Stone Cafe

Food: Pancakes

Price: $8.50

Challenge: Complete three “Mancake” pancakes and you will end up on this Northwest breakfast joints “wall of shame.”


Stepping Stone Cafe, 2390 NW Quimby St. [link to website], 97210, 503-222-1132

Photo Credit: jeffreyw via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Salvador Molly’s

Food: Habanero Cheese Fritters

Price: $7.95

Challenge: Complete five habanero cheese fritters with sauce and you will end up with your name on the wall with 40 other people (the wall comes down every year).


Salvador Molly’s, 1523 SW Sunset Blvd. [link to website], 97239, 503-293-1790

Photo Credit: dfilippini via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Hungry Tiger

Food: Vegan Corn Dogs

Price: $1 on Wednesdays

Challenge: If you eat more than the last guy or gal, you get $1 PBR for 90 days as long as your record holds.


Hungry Tiger, 207 SE 12th Ave. [link to website], 97214, 503- 238-4321

Photo Credit: stu_spivack via Compfight cc (image cropped)

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Fire On The Mountain

Food: Hot Wings

Price: $13

Challenge: 15 El Jefe wings in three minutes. One sauce. One drink. One napkin. If you swallow all that down you end up with an organic t-shirt that says “I Survived The El Jefe”… XXX


Fire On The Mountain, 1708 E. Burnside St. and other locations. [link to website], 97215, 503-230-9464

Photo Credit: goodiesfirst via Compfight cc (image cropped)


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