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Sasquatch Books to Publish Toro Bravo Team’s Newest Cookbook

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Photo Credit: David Reamer (Image Cropped)

Portland Restaurant Toro Bravo recently announced that its newest cookbook, The Tasty Cookbook, will be published by Seattle’s Sasquatch Books in the spring of 2017. 

The deal was made official earlier this month between Sasquatch Books and the Toro Bravo team’s agent Kimberly Witherspoon, who also represents Anthony Bourdain, Gabrielle Hamilton, and David Chang. 

The Toro Bravo team is made up of author Liz Crain (Food Lover’s Guide to Portland), Chef John Gorham (Toro Bravo, Tasty n’ Sons, Tasty n Alder), and photographer David Reamer (Le Pigeon, Pure Beef). The team is highly regarded within the local culinary -- and writing community. 

The restaurant's first cookbook published in 2013, Toro Bravo, (named after itself) recieved rave reviews from local and national publications including BuzzFeed, Oregon Public Broadcasting's 'Think Out Loud,' and Food52. 

"Toro Bravo is so much more than a cookbook (though it does a damn fine job of being just that). It's a passionate story of how one great chef found his way by following his heart and trusting his gut. It's a moving memoir and a gastronomic map. It's a practical guide and a culinary cri de coeur. It's the book I'm going to press into everyone's hands,” said Wild author Cheryl Strayed. 

Several years later, the team is now ready to dish up a compilation of 100 brunch and dinner recipes from Portland restaurants Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder. Expect the upcoming book to wet your appetite. 


Related Slideshow: Unofficial Comfort Foods of the West Coast

Digital media company Thirllist, names Marionberry Pie Oregon’s unofficial comfort food. See what other comfort food was associated with other west coast states. 

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Marionberry Pie 

The epitome of summer berries in a baked pie= deliciousness! 

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Fish Tacos

In-N-Out animal style fries didn’t make it as CA comfort food. Instead Thrillist thought fish tacos were a yummier choice. 

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Cedar Plank Salmon 

Salmon, the staple of the Pacific Northwest is named Washington’s comfort food. 

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Funeral Potatoes

This dish usually served after a funeral or other potlucks includes; hash browns, cheese, onions, potato chips, cream soup, butter and corn flakes.

Photo Credit: Carrie A via Flikr Creative Commons (image cropped) 

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Meat Pasty 

Meat Pasties aka. Meat Hand Pies were in the lunch packs of miners from Eastern Europe, before they became a staple comfort food in Montana. 

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Anything From a Buffet 

“Best buffets in the country,” said Thrillest about Nevada’s comfort food.  

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Fries with Fry Sauce

It’s obvious that the Potato State’s comfort food would be fries, but don’t forget the fry sauce (a mix of mayo and ketchup).

Photo Credit: Victor Solanoy via Flikr Creative Commons (image cropped) 

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Deep fried burritos= always a fan favorite. 

Photo Credit: jeffreyw via Flikr Creative Commons (image cropped) 

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Beef Jerky 

The road trip staple, beef and buffalo jerky found at every gas station and roadside shack in Wyoming is unofficially named Wyoming’s comfort food.

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New Mexico

Green Chile Stew

Green chiles beat out red ones for the best comfort food in New Mexico. 

Photo Credit: stu_spivack via Flikr Creative Commons (image cropped) 


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