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25 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Single in Portland

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Another February and another Valentine's Day spent alone. 

If you're in the singles boat again this Valentine's day, you may be feeling sad, angry, lonely or maybe very happy.

See Slides Below: 25 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Single in Portland-2016

It doesn’t matter if you’re still fresh off a tough breakup, clutching tissues and crying at love songs, or have been single for years, nobody wants to feel bored or lonely on a holiday completely devoted to romantic love. 

That's why GoLocalPDX has compiled a list of activities and ideas for things to do for all you singles on Valentine's day. 

Check out a concert in Portland this weekend, take a trip, throw a party or just pamper yourself. And remember, there is nothing wrong with being single.


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Take a Brewery Tour

It's always fun to drink on a holiday that revolves around the romantic love that you don't have. And in a city like Portland known for it's abundance of booze and brews, why not take a brewery tour this Valentine's day? 

Zwickelmania is Oregon's annual one-day event when breweries open their doors to beer lovers. This year Zwickelmania lands on the day of hearts. More than 110 breweries are participating with meet-the-brewer events and beer samples.

Click HERE or more information and a full list of participating breweries. 

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Visit Purrington's Cafe

Maybe you've accepted the fact that you might end up a single, crazy cat lady (or gentleman). Or maybe you're still in denial. Either way, get a jumpstart on the crazy cat person life this Valentine's day at Portland's new Cat Cafe. 

Yes. Cat Cafe. 

Sip on wine and munch on cookies while surrounded by cats and kittens at Purringtons Cat Lounge, 3529 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

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Patrick Lamb

Still searching for your valentine? Patrick Lamb has an offer to make you!

Lamb will perform at the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom at 8 PM on Valentine's Day. Dance away your lovelorn blues!

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Eastburn's Stupid Cupid Dance Paty

What could be a better way to spend Valentine's Day single than partying with plenty of other people in the same situation?!

Eastburn's Tap Room will be home to the 4rd Annual Stupid Cupid Dance Party with DJ Cupid Killer, aka DJ Kenny, who will be spinning all your favorite 80’s hits!

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The Classic: Solo Pizza & Wine Night

If you're single, you probably have solo pizza and wine nights all the time.

Papa Johns on speed dial. Cupboard stocked with 2 buck chuck.

But for Valentine's pizza and wine night, maybe order some fancier pizza and shell out for a nicer bottle. Treat yourself.

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Or, Cook for Yourself

You don't have to have a partner to cook a nice meal for. Pamper yourself and cook something nice. Light a candle, pour some wine, and set up a mirror across from you at the table so you can admire your stellar beauty.

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Better Yet, Take Yourself Out

If you can't cook or just plain hate doing it, but still want to do something nice for yourself, go on a date. 

A date with yourself. 

There's nothing more empowering than going out to dinner and sitting alone confidently and contently. That's actually pretty hot. 

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Heartless Heathers Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Haven’t found that special someone yet? Or thought you did and it ended in catastrophe? What else could go wrong?

Well, don't fret. Just strap on your dancing shoes and head down to The Heartless Heathers 11th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Party

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Get Yourself a Massage

Maybe you're single because you work so hard and so you're tense, stressed and stiff. 

Or maybe you enjoy being single, but miss the built-in masseuse that comes with having a partner.

If so, treat yourself to a professional massage.

Relax, breathe, close your eyes.

You deserve this. 

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Muddy Fun Run

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the best cures for depression and heartbreak.

Lots of mud, fun and semi- challenging obstacles, food, drinks, music, bonfires and much more will be on hand at the 5K Mud Run at Lee Farms.

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How About Just One Big Treat Yourself Day!

Why not just do it all? Have one big day of fun and pampering all about you. 

Okay. Start with the massage, then go shopping for lingerie or new clothes, next get a makeover, and end the day with one of these three previously mentioned dinner options:

1. Solo pizza & wine night.
2. Cook for yourself
3. Take yourself out

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Remember That Your Serial Monogamous Friends Are Missing Out

Everyone has at least one friend who's never really been single. When one relationship ends for this person, a new one begins. 


There's something to be said for being single and content. Being happy alone is truly the best, and also, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. And that's a beautiful thing. 

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Throw an Anti - Valentine's Day Party

Also known as "Screw Valentine's Day" parties, or "I hate love and happiness" parties, an anti-Valentine's day party will surely make the holiday one to remember, (or forget). 

And guess what? You only need two things to throw an anti-Valentine's day party:

1. Single people.
2. Alcohol. 

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Give Away Your Ex's Stuff

You know you've been holding onto that box of your ex's stuff for way too long. Even if you no longer pull out the old sweatshirt and burry your teary-eyed face in its nostalgic smell, it's still there. 

Giving away the stuff is symbolic of letting go, and as hard as letting go can be sometimes, it also feels pretty good. 

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The only thing better than "treating" yourself, is treating someone else. 

Spread some love this Valentine's day volunteering at local charities like Sisters of the Road or donating to local secondhand stores like Community Warehouse

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Red Hot Curling Party

What's sexier than a rarely-held skill? Maybe it's time for you to learn something new.

Portland's Evergreen Curling Club will host Cupid's Red Hot Curling Party this weekend! 

For those of you without prior curling experience, Evergreen will offer a delivery lesson at 7 PM and coaching during your game. Before or after your game time, enjoy an hors d’oeuvre and dessert while taking advantage of the full bar. Game times assigned upon check-in at the event.

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Befriend Someone

If you're out and about on Valentine's day and you see someone eating alone at restaurant or coffee shop, sit with them. 

Not only might your friendliness make their day, but you might meet someone wonderful. What have you got to lose right?

What if someone great befriended you while you were out on your dinner date for one?

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The Winter at the Echo Theater

Alone this weekend? Why not treat yourself to a unique performance from Prisgamic? They’ll present the Winter at the Echo Theatre on Saturday and Sunday night.

Echo uses circus arts to tell these tory of a realm where cats talk and nature dances. The show will feature performances by singer/songwriter Tasche de la Rocha and many more of your favorite prismagicians as they soar through the air, juggle dazzling jewels, and fold themselves into the shape of your heart.

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Write a Love Letter to Yourself

If you've been through a bad break up recently or have simply lost sight of the things you like about yourself, write yourself a love letter.

Just as you would write down all the things you admire in somebody else, be a little narcissistic and do the same for yourself. 

It might sound dumb and it might feel weird, but by the time you're done writing, you'll probably be a lot happier. 

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Plant Flowers

Maybe no one gives you flowers this Valentine's day, but that's okay because they'd probably die soon anyways. 

Instead, plant some flowers, herbs, or other plants and take joy in watching something beautiful grow.

That's a lot better than watching something temporary die. 

Check out these five, gorgeous winter-blooming plants

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Go For a Run

Go for a run on Valentine's day. The endorphins will boost your spirits if they're low, the fresh air will clear your head if it's clouded, and the exercise will make you sexier than you already are. 

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Laugh. Just laugh, because it's a lot better than crying. 

Do: See a comdey, like the new The Sponge Bob movie. Who can't laugh at Sponge Bob?
Don't: See 50 Shades of Grey. 

Do: Watch Pineapple Express and drink tequilla.
Don't: Watch The Notebook and inhale a gallon of ice cream. 

Do: Listen to "Shake it Off' by Taylor Swift
Don't: Listen to "This Will Destroy You" by Threads. 

It will destroy you. 

Do: Laugh
Don't: Cry

Photo Credit: sjon via Compfight cc

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Take a Day Trip

Maybe you told your ex to "get out of town," or "take a hike," but now you should do the same. 

Luckily, Valentine's day falls on a Saturday this year. So for many of us that means no work. Take a road trip up the Columbia Gorge or drive out to Astoria for a beautiful coastal day. 

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Tell The People You Love, You Love Them

Valentine's day doesn't just have to be about romantic love. Don't forget about all the other kinds of love you have in your life.

Tell the people you love that you love them, again, and again, and again. 

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Do Nothing.

Because it's just another day. 


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