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Fit For Life: Claim Your Independence!

Saturday, July 02, 2016


Claim your independence – from fear.

It can hold you back. It can prevent you from going after your dreams, it can blind you from opportunity. It can prevent you from having fun and living a fulfilling life. It can stress you out and cause unhealthy anxiety in your life. This component that causes so much negativity is a thing called fear. 

Whatever success you want to achieve, is just on the other side of fear. It prevents many from achieving their goals and breaks people down to the level of mediocrity. It could decide the outcome of a competition, or change the direction your life goes in. 

If you are afraid you are unsure and when you are unsure you hold back or retreat. When you are in that mode or mindset it's very tough to advance or succeed. It's the opposite of confidence in many instances, because when you display confidence, you are in the right mindset, and most likely on the path to succeed in whatever it is you are doing. Win or lose, you still come out on top, because taking a chance and failing will build more character and true life experience than never trying anything at all. 

False Evidence Appearing Real. 

This is a good acronym because it states the truth. Think back to when you were a kid, and all the things that scared you. Where they real? In most instances, our fear was for ridiculous reasons. The monster under the bed, the boogeyman, the dark. Yes, these things are all scary to a child, but are they real? Absolutely not. The first day of school, moving to a new town, the first time at bat, the neighborhood bully. These are all things that we all blew out of proportion when we were younger, and we let them get the best of us, for no apparent reason. What a waste of negative emotions!

Now, look at what we fear as adults. Opening up a business, going to a gym. Breakups or divorce. Sending a kid to college. Yes, all scary things, but when you really think about it in depth, what’s the worst that can happen? What is scaring us? With business, you could fail. But if you did the research, and it looks like a winner, don’t act out of fear, the fear that will hold you back from achieving your dream. Now, don’t get me wrong, being fearless and taking high risk chances isn’t bravery, but can seem more like stupidity. We still need to apply common sense to our actions. Lack of fear combined with stupidity can be dangerous. if you do research and it points to a bad outcome - and you do it anyway - you are not fearless. You lack common sense. So don’t compare being fearless with being careless. 

Going to a gym and making a lifestyle change scares people. That’s why I have created an atmosphere here at my gym that embraces a community environment so you don’t feel like you are alone. Heck, what are you afraid of? Losing weight and looking fabulous. How crazy is that? Yes, the big gyms filled with fancy equipment and loud music can be very intimidating to many, but once you develop a routine, and settle in, you will always be ok. When you come to my place, I make you put your fear on a shelf, and guide you to your goal. Eliminate fear and success will follow!

Going through a divorce or break up is scary, and a lot of people will stay in a bad situation from fear of being alone. This too is a fabricated fear we instill in ourselves, because in most instances, leaving a toxic relationship will open new doors, and increase the likelihood of finding happiness. 

Sending a kid away to college will scare the hell out of most parents. You all think the worst, but again it’s a fabricated fear mindset that stresses us out for no reason at all. In most cases you are doing your child a favor and opening new doors for them, and introducing  them to the best times of their lives. You end up looking back and realizing how foolish your thoughts were. 

Change your mindset.

So instead of always thinking the worst, start to change your mindset and think of the good that could come from the things that scare you. Live your life from a place of power. Remind yourself daily, regardless of what you're facing moment to moment, that you are stronger than anything you are going through, facing, or have to handle. Refuse to operate at the level of the problems or challenges that you're facing! Project yourself into the future, and see yourself victorious as a person who has resolved, completed, and achieved your goals. 

Keep your head up and your spirit strong, and continue to develop an achievement driven mindset. Tell yourself that you're going to operate at the top of your game and STANDOUT! Apply your best thinking to the issues before you, and bulldoze your way to the top! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!  

Matt Espeut, GoLocal's Health & Lifestyle Contributor has been a personal trainer and health & fitnesss consultant for over 25 years. 


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