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slides: Local Filmmaker Teaches Women How to Nab A “Gusband” with New Web Series

Monday, July 20, 2015


The Benefits of Gusbandry: A comedy about women and their gay boy besties.

Photographer and filmmaker Alicia J. Rose, perhaps best known for her music videos for indie rock stars like Bob Mould and Laura Gibson, is launching a new comedic web series, “The Benefits of Gusbandry,” and she is looking for your help.

"To know me, is to know I love my Gusbands, and new comedic web series “The Benefits of Gusbandry,”  said Rose. “It is my most personal and passionate project to date.  With the help of my wonderful co-writer Courtenay Hameister (of Live Wire and GoLocalPDX fame) and team of collaborators including producers Lara Cuddy & Dan Eason we’ve concocted the first season - 6 hilarious episodes 8-10 minutes each that cover all sorts of ground - from having fun with “the new 40”, to trading places in the dating world, to going back in time to discover our “Gateway Gays.” 

“There is NO comedy out there anymore about women and their gay boy besties,” said Rose. “The days of vanilla sitcom like “Will & Grace” are over - and with how common this relationship is its shocking that there is no TV show representing it in a fresh, modern, no-hold barred comedic way.

Rose has launched her own crowdfunding campaign to help with the cost of its first season. If you would like to see more Gusbands on your digital device click here to help. 

You can listen to Rose’s pitch and check out her “Five Perks of Having a Gusband” below. You can also join the cast and crew on the rooftop of Revolution Hall for a chance to meet your new Gusband or Swife (straight wife) and rally support for the last few days of the crowd funding campaign. 

The Benefits of Gusbandry Sunset Rooftop Mixer & FUNRaiser will be held at the Revolution Hall Rooftop located at 1300 SE Stark St. on Wednesday, July 22, 7-9 p.m. 21+ and admission is free. 

See Slideshow Below: Five Perks of Having a Gusband


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Gusbands love it when you share social gossip, true confessions about STDs, life dreams, embarrassing gaffes - your GUSBAND wants to hear it.  The perfect set of ears for every lady to burn!

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Gusbands will enjoy taking you shopping AND tell you if your ass looks fly (or not) with no punches pulled.  If you are REALLY lucky he’ll “shit-shop” from the toilet for you on Gilt or MyHabit and the next thing you know you have fabulous 1000 count sheets and a new designer handbag. #truegusbandtales

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#Gusbands are the best for “intimatonic” action - aka intimate/platonic love - all the snuggles with none of the romantic relationship troubles!

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Always wanted that exotic Asian honeymoon, but don’t have a ring on that finger - TAKE YOUR GUSBAND on a GONEYMOON!  The perfect man-beard for us ladies to travel around the world with and still get all the perks without the pain - couples massages, romantic dinners for 2, moonlit strolls on exotic beaches - dream big Gusbandlovers!

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Cock Un/Blocking

Getting picked up on by a greasy creep, or having trouble nabbing that hot as hell bartender/barista/biker?  GET YOUR GUSBAND IN THERE - Gusbands are the best for both blocking and unblocking potential dating scenarios.  The ultimate wingmen and terminators of creeper vibes!


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