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Mum’s the Word: Life and Beauty Hacks for the Mom on a Budget

Friday, July 31, 2015


According to the report, the average cost to raise child is $245,340, and that’s before including the cost of a college education.

Last year, The USDA released a report that sent shivers down many a parent’s spine.  

According to the report, the average cost to raise a child is $245,340. 

That’s a significant amount of money…especially for those of us who still have student loans to pay off or else had the good the sense to major in English.

It seems our parents were shockingly correct. There isn’t a lot of money in knowing how to apply Marxist criticism to works of fiction. 

I digress.

Despite the fact that we may not have our “dream jobs” (yet), that doesn’t mean we have to constantly worry about having enough money to raise our children.

The first three years of motherhood, I had it pretty easy financially. I strategically applied for apartments in October (instead of peak season) so that I could get lower rent, and my mother was kind enough to help me save money on daycare by watching my daughter while I was at work.

However, since my student loan payments and the cost of living are both currently increasing, I’m learning new ways to save money and still have a good life. 

I’m sure many of you might already be doing some of these things, but here are some tips for keeping both your family and your wallet happy. 

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1. Shop Resale

Scouring thrift stores may have not always been cool, but thanks to Macklemore and hipsters, shopping in the thrift store is a new trend. 

Embrace that. 

Shopping resale offers you a great way to spend less money on clothes that your children will grow out of in two hours. 

For you, by shopping secondhand, you can continue wearing those designer brands even if you aren’t making that designer money. Thrift stores, consignments stores, garage sales, and EBay are all fantastic ways to look good and stay in your budget at the same time. 

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2. Drive-in Theaters.  

Drive-in theaters are a lifesaver. They are typically cheaper than regular theaters, and you often get to see two films for the cost of one.  

So what if Mom is tired of watching cartoons, though?

Well, if you have a pair of headphones and a smart device, you’re in luck. At a drive-in, you can watch a previously downloaded movie on your smart device while your kids enjoy the movie on the big screen.

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3. Non-traditional Manicures 

Manicures make us momma’s feel fancy even when we know we’re only moments away from having to change a poopy diaper or scrub vomit out of the only clean pair of pants we have. 

On the other hand (pun intended), getting a manicure every couple weeks can be expensive. 

Coming to our rescue are the nontraditional nail wraps or Jamberry nails to help keep us looking fresh. These are cheaper options for having pretty tips and toes, and you can apply them yourself at home. 

Photo Credit: Jamberry Nails (Image Cropped)

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4. Downward Dog at Home

I am a wannabe fitness fanatic. I love nothing more than going to the gym at the end of a shift at work to see if I can lift more pounds than the 65-year-old man bench-pressing next to me. 

On the other hand, gym fees and their associated “daycare” service puts a small yet significant dent in my wallet. 

Despite that, I’m still able to get my fitness on everyday by watching one of the myriads of workout videos on YouTube. Sure, my neighbors walking past my window think I’m crazy, but this way I’m able to keep my biceps and that extra $50 -$70 a month that I would’ve been spending at the gym. 

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5. Digital Coupons

This one is a no-brainer, but I see so many of my friends and fellow mamas forgetting to take advantage of digital coupons. 

Groupon is a popular one to use for tickets to the movies, dinners, or vacation packages. However, did you know apps like RetailMeNot alert you the second your favorite store is having a sale or offering a discount? 

Other coupon apps like SnipSnap also allow you to share your coupons with friends and customize the list of stores you want to be given coupons for. 

Finally, the fact that they’re digital give us Millennial Mamas a legitimate reason for having our phones out. 


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