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Oregonians Are Among the Least Positive About Public Education

Monday, March 14, 2016


A state-by-state poll and analysis by Gallup has found nearly half Oregonians have little confidence in the public schools. And, their view is consistent with the 2016 Report Card from Education Week.

In contrast to Oregon resident's views, Gallup found that North Dakota residents (89%) are more likely than those living in any other U.S. state to rate the K-12 education provided in their state as excellent or good, followed closely by those living in Minnesota and Nebraska. 

Only 54% of Oregon residents rank Oregon schools “excellent” or “good.” 

The Gallup numbers on how Oregon residents feel about the quality of schools mirrors the 2016 analysis by Education Week - the leading education publication in the United States.


Grade: D+ from Education Week 

The 2016 Education Week analysis of the spending and quality of public schools in the United States reports damming data for Oregon Schools.

Only 9.2 percent of Oregon students in districts where per-pupil expenditures reach or exceed the U.S. average — among the lowest in the United States.

Implications for the Gallup Data

Gallup data reveal a strong relationship between states' economic conditions and residents' perceptions that their public education systems are providing high-quality education that will prepare students for workplace success. Public education systems require strong financial support at the state and local level, and challenging economic conditions can make it more difficult to provide the funding required for schools to deliver a high-quality education. Additionally, students living in states with higher unemployment rates may face different challenges in finding a good job.


Related Slideshow: Portland High Schools with the Best Graduation Rates-2016

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Alliance High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 13.27%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 21.43%

Percent Change: -8.6%

Prev Next

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School (now closed)

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 25.51%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 38.26%

Percent Change: -12.75%

Image via Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School's Facebook page

Prev Next

Trillium High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 40%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 65%

Percent Change: -25%

Prev Next

Roosevelt High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 61.67%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  53.37%

Percent Change: +8.4%

Prev Next

Metropolitan Learning Center

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 71.88%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  81.08%

Percent Change: -9.25%

Prev Next

Madison High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 73.76%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  75.42%

Percent Change: -1.66%

Prev Next

Jefferson High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 80.47%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  66.37%

Percent Change: +14.1%

Prev Next

Cleveland High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 85.16%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  83.29%

Percent Change: +1.81%

Prev Next

Franklin High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 87.89%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  86.46%

Percent Change: +1.43%

Prev Next

Benson Polytechnic High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 87.89%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  85.47%

Percent Change: +2.42%

Prev Next

Grant High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 89.15%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  89.84%

Percent Change: -0.69%

Prev Next

Wilson High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 90.7%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  86.61%

Percent Change: +4.09%

Prev Next

Lincoln High School

2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 92.69%    

2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  90.66%

Percent Change: +2.03%


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