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Pac-12 Best Conference For Finding Dream Job

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Alumni from Pac-12 schools are more interested in their careers and happier with their job choice than graduates from other conferences, a survey by Gallup revealed. 

Of working Pac-12 graduates, 32 percent said they had the ideal job, while only 29 percent of graduates from other large universities and peer conferences felt the same. 

Almost half— 46 percent—said they were deeply interested in the work they do and 45 percent thought their job gave them opportunity to do work that interested them. Alumni from other conferences felt less interest in their job, with 42 percent answering the same to both questions. 

Universities in the Pac-12 include University of Arizona, Arizona State, the Universities of California, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Oregon State, the University of Southern California, Stanford, UCLA, the University of Washington and Washington State. 

Finding the perfect career may take extra time and personal investment, but it can help propel your career and work life, according to Linda Favero, program director for Alumni Career Services at the University of Oregon. 

“If you get a job you’re engaged in, in a culture you like, you’re more likely to stay, invest, and grow,” Favero said. “If people have the tools and resources, they can always find jobs they can enjoy,”

University career centers strive to help students pick a career path, apply for jobs, and offer resources and counseling. Yet Favero said often these resources go unused. Nationally, 27 percent of graduating seniors do not make use of their college career centers services. 

“I get students who come to me after they graduates and ask ‘why didn’t I go to career services?’”Favero said. 

Life After College
The survey also found Pac-12 graduates felt less prepared for life outside of college compared to other schools. Only 25 percent felt prepared after graduation, while 27 percent felt prepared in large universities, and 31 percent in other conferences.  

Favero said many students struggle to adjust to life after graduation. 

“They’ve had their entire life scheduled and planned until now, and now they’re trying to find a job and a place to live—it’s generally a challenging time,” Favero said. 


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