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PSU Students React to President’s Compensation and For-Profit Business

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


President Wiewel

PSU President Wim Wiewel has potentially tightened a wedge between his school’s administration and its students. Wiewel has come under fire for using his PSU-owned residence to advance his for-profit business, which included organizing meetings and utilizing university employees for gaining personal capital. As GoLocal previously reported, Wiewel has run a for profit business over the last five years under the roof of PSU property.  

Wiewel’s actions have impressed upon PSU students in different ways. Some students expressed little surprise whereas others expressed disappointment. One question that plagues some students is whether or not communication is the main factor that is accumulating doubt in the administration by students.

Lack of Communication

Maricruz, a 21-year-old mechanical engineering student spoke about the lack of discussion on campus. “I don’t think people are paying attention to it."

Other students felt that they had barely been educated on the issue at all.

“I felt confusion,” said Oliviah Franke, 21, an Environmental Science majoring junior. “I wouldn’t have expected that. I just read a headline of an article and didn’t really pay attention.”

Lack of Faith 

Some PSU students have taken a more proactive approach in researching the subject of Wiewel’s scandal. These students have their own perspectives of their administration and the scandal, and they note a growing divide between the faculty and students versus those who run the university. However, there was some doubt expressed that students could make active change in their administration.  

“It’s gross,” said Meghan Wilson, a 22-year-old senior jazz voice major. “It doesn’t really surprise me. But what surprises me is that there is a pretty good number of students who are knowledgeable but don’t know about the scandal until after they happen. We want to hold someone accountable but there are many outside factors; it’s hard to disseminate info.”

Allegra Jongeward, 26, a jazz voice major sophomore also chimed in. “There was a faculty strike one year ago and students were rallying. We feel hopeless when it comes to the administration.”

On the subject of Wiewel, Jongeward said, “He (Wiewel) has not been punished for a lot of things, like his salary and not using PSU resources for the students. But how do we actually change anything?”


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Oliviah Franke, 21, Environmental Science Major, Third Year Undergraduate Student at PSU

"I think it was wrong that it wasn't inherently communicated."

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Josh, 27, Physics Major, Second Year Graduate Student at PSU

"I don't have high expectations [for the administration]. I went to a UC school (previously)."

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Allegra Jongeward, 26, Jazz Voice Major, Second Year Undergraduate Student at PSU

"I feel hopeless when it comes to the administration.  They should be using these resources for the students."

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Meghan Wilson, 22, Jazz Voice Major, Fourth Year Undergraduate Student at PSU

"It doesn't really surprise me.  What always surprises me, though, is there's a pretty good size of students who are knowledgeable, but don't know about these scandals until after they happen.  It's a struggle where to put your priority on getting mad about it.  We want to hold someone accountable but theres so many outside factors."


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