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PSU To Build New Education Center Shared with OHSU

Thursday, June 04, 2015


 Portland State University (PSU) and Fortis Construction recently finalized a contract to build the Viking Pavilion and Education Center. The contract is worth approximately $32 million. 

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is contributing $7.5 million to the project and another $24 will be coming from state bonds. The remainder will be provided by private donations.

This new building will also be shared with OHSU.

Preconstruction has begun, but the official groundbreaking will occur in January of 2016. This new building will feature 30,000 square feet designed for studying, tutoring and classes. It will also have a new 3,100-seat pavilion for various public events. This building will be a renovation of the Peter W. Stott Center, which was a health, physical education and athletics facility. This project is expected to be completed by Spring 2018.

Woofter Architecture and Sink Combs Dethlefs Architects will be designing the new facility.


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You can't go to work in your pajamas

In college you rolled out of bed and went straight to class (maybe). You put your hood up, slippers on and went back to sleep as soon as you sat down in the lecture hall. If it was really a rough morning you probably forgot to brush your teeth, but it was okay because you'd do it when you went home for your mid-morning nap. 

That's your handbook on how to get fired immediately in the working world. Get used to early mornings. Or at least mornings. 

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No more naps

Speaking of naps... you don't get to take them anymore. Not your mid-morning nap, not your late morning nap, no, not even your post-lunch comatose nap. Jobs don't come with nap time. 

Let's take a moment of silence for those beautiful naps.

Now get back to work!

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The weekend doesn't start on Thursday, Wednesday

You scheduled your classes so that you had no school on Friday and could enjoy three full nights of partying. But you could only make it to Wednesday...

Because screw it! dollar beers Wednesday night at your favorite bar! Cheers to a four-day weekend!

Those four-day weekends are gone now that you're out of college. And if you do go out partying Friday and Saturday night, it's likely that you'll waste your two days of freedom nursing a hangover in bed.

Cheers to Netflix, a good nights sleep and peace and quiet! Ugh. 

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Suddenly you have a drinking problem

Speaking of four-day weekends...

In college you had an excuse for your excessive drinking and partying: "that's what you do in college."

Now, your habits haven't changed and you no longer have an excuse. Suddenly your partying ways seem wrong and you feel judged. Old habits die hard, but your workplace won't see it like that. 

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No more free gym

Let's be real. It's not like you took advantage of the free gym when you had it. Your four-day weekends interfered with your motivation to work out. 

But you're growing up now. You're an adult! (haha). And if you want to go to the gym have fun paying AT LEAST $40 a month.

Let's be real. You still probably won't go. 

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You either move back home, or you pay rent

You just had four years of freedom - your own place, away from your parents. Even if you did pay rent, it was likely for a tiny apartment in a college town where the cost of living isn't too steep. 

Now you have two options: 

1. Move back home and feel like you're back in high school. 

2. Get a place, pay rent, and be even poorer than you were in college. 

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It's harder to meet people

Classes, clubs, greek life, parties, campus bars. Basically hundreds of places to make friends at your finger tips.

Now you really have to make an effort to meet new people and keep up relationships. It's really easy to go to work, go home and go to sleep everyday. And a lot of your college friends moved away after graduation. 

Make an effort to do something you like with people who share similar interests. Get to know your coworkers on a personal level. Make seeing your friends one of your top priorities no matter how tired you are without your naps. You'll need your friends more than ever now that you're out in the big bad world! 

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You're back to the bottom 

You worked four long years to acheive that senior status, to finally feel competent in your major and to be the boss at your campus job.

Well that's all over now. 

If you're not an intern, you're probably still at the bottom of the food chain at work. It stinks, but suck it up and take it because someday.... someday far away... you'll be at the top again. 

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Your parents are disappointed in you again

Ah, graduation day. A whole day to celebrate you and your acheivements. Your parents were so proud. 

Now if you don't have a job, or you're living at home, or you're still asking for money, it can feel as though you've accomplished nothing. You don't want to go to grad school, but they want you to. You don't want to work for your dad's company, but he wants you to. 

Just remember, even if they don't show it, they are very proud. 

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As if your paycheck didn't already seem small enough.


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