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Don Roach: Donald Trump Thinks Syrian Refugees Plan to Coup America

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Don Roach

Donald Trump is trippin’. Over the weekend he had this to say about the Syrian refugees, “This could be one of the great military coups of all time if they send [Syrian refugees] to our country -- young, strong people and they turn out to be ISIS.”


Donald Trump thinks that the mass political exodus from Syria across the mountains and plains of Europe is all about getting ISIS to America in order to coup America? Really? As a big fan of the Apprentice series and Atlantic City’s Boardwalk, I’ve always enjoyed Donald Trump the entertainer. He’s bombastic, arrogant, sometimes funny, and has the right mix of ego/charisma that makes for good t.v.

But and I’m sorry to the plurality of Republicans that think he’s the best “candidate” for the Presidency in 2016, but what are you folks smoking? Beginning in 2011, there are now approximately four million Syrian refugees strewn across Europe who have fled their homes in Syria because just in case you haven’t heard there is a civil war going on in Syria. The government and those who want to see political change (aka rebels) don’t see eye to eye and the Syrian government’s response has been less dialogue and more torture, killing, and squashing dissent through fear, intimidation, and overall oppression.

You might understand why those who oppose the government might want to exit their homeland right? Well, not front-running Donald Trump who instead believes the whole Syrian-civil-war-resulting-in-millions-of-refugees thing to be an ISIS American takeover plot. Again, this man right now would be the GOP presidential candidate if polls hold true.


I’ve written quite a bit about stupid Republicans and I’m one Republican who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade or in this case, a not-so-smart comment a not-so-smart comment, to put it kindly. Instead of Trump worrying about an alleged (and daresay ridiculously remote) possibility of a coup d’état by Syrian refugees should they find their way to America, he should be a) trying to come up with ways to resolve the military conflict in Syria, b) seriously considering if America has room for any of the Syrian refugees, or even c) coming up with ways to assist the refugees even if he doesn’t want them to come to America – aide relief comes to mind.

But no, Trump would rather use the crisis situation as another opportunity to get his name in the news and make the story about him and not about what’s actually happening. And here I am spending most of this article telling you how silly Trump’s comments are and not talking to you about possible solutions to the Syrian civil war we just covered in the preceding paragraph.

That seems to be Trump’s overall strategy, no publicity is bad publicity and thus far it seems to be working with many GOP voters. I tend to think (aka hope, and yes that’s two “aka”’s in one article) that the GOP electorate is smarter than that and won’t place our trust in a man more interested in headlines than solutions to America’s problems.

 I’m not too confident about this one. With Trump at least this ride will be entertaining.

Don Roach is still a Young Republican. Please like his Facebook page.


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