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Fecteau: The Dumb & Dumber Approach to Healthcare

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Donald Trump

Instead of fixing Obamacare, the GOP was set to dismantle it, and replace it with a plan of their own that rewards the affluent at the expense of everyone else. Well, scratch that; the GOP no longer has the votes to support the implementation of tax breaks aimed at the wealthy masquerading as a health-care plan. The GOP doesn't even have the votes to recklessly repeal Obamacare with no replacement.

The GOP’s approach to health care seems dumb and dumber by the minute. The GOP seems to be bordering on obsessed with repealing Obamacare without any thought of those that will lose their coverage. This is heartless and cruel, but considering the GOP’s track record thus far; no one should be surprised.

Republican President Donald Trump via Twitter has said he would like to let Obamacare collapse, and then work on a new plan to replace Obamacare – even dumber. This would leave millions of Americans in limbo, and create more uncertainty.

The Republicans have so demonized Obamacare since its implementation that it has backed itself into a corner. The GOP has to continue on this path or face a massive backlash from the voters that believe Obamacare is a stepping stone to bigger government, but if the GOP repeal and/or replace it, the Republicans may also feel repercussions from those being stripped of their health care – not an easy choice to make.

While Obamacare has some serious flaws, the law has expanded health care coverage to millions, and it should be improved, not scrapped; this is common sense. The law has some deficiencies, and those deficiencies should be addressed to reduce the cost associated with Obamacare, but it doesn’t need to be replaced or even repealed. Simple modifications to the law would lessen the financial burden placed on regular Americans. That is something the GOP refuses to discuss or explore.

Obamacare addressed serious healthcare shortfalls the status quo simply did not, but tell that to the GOP. All American voters should take notice of this reckless approach to their health care for this is something that should be a consideration next time they vote at the ballot box.

Healthcare is something that shouldn’t be toyed with for cheap political points. Yet, in today’s toxically partisan political world, everything is on the table, including American lives.   


Matt Fecteau ([email protected])  is a former White House national security intern and Iraq War veteran. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewFecteau   


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