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Outrage Flares Around Milwaukie Candidate’s Facebook Post of Horrible Bike Accident

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Attorney and Milwaukie City Council candidate Scott Barbur is taking flack on social media for a photo of a car plowing into a mass of bicyclists he posted on his Facebook account back in 2010.

The image shows a car crashing into a wave of bicyclists with text that reads “My way, get the fuck out of it.” Barbur posted it with the comment "This is awesome."

Barbur is running for Milwaukie City Council position 4, a seat that opened up after the retirement of Mike Miller.

Barbur is currently a member of the Milwaukie Planning Commission, the Historic Milwaukie Neighborhood Association, the Milwaukie Historical Society and was most recently the President of the Milwaukie Rotary Club, according to his campaign site.

The post was discovered by Milwaukie Rules blogger Mandy Zalinka and forwarded onto GoLocalPDX. Zalinka posted a screenshot of the image to her own Facebook page and has received a string of horrified reactions.

“Nauseating and Reprehensible...Extremely disappointed with Scott Barbur's perspective,” said one commenter.

The photo is from a drunk-driver accident that occurred in Mexico in 2008 that killed one and injured 10, according to media reports.

The “My Way” meme is easy to find on internet and may not have originated with Barbur.

Barbur received some pushback from his own followers when he posted the image in 2010 and stated “All I know is that this is the image that pops into my head every time I have to listen to bicyclists or deal with them on the road.”

Barbur was not immediately available for comment.


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