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Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in Oregon Politics: Knute Buehler, Rose City Baseball, Portland Taxis

Friday, April 24, 2015


Every Friday, GoLocalPDX breaks down who's rising and who's falling in the world of Oregon politics. Check out who made the lists this week.


Center for Women's Leadership

If you want to have a positive impact on the world around you, head to the place where they are churning out leaders by the dozen. Led by Executive Director Sunny Petit, the Center for Women's Leadership offers speakers and training to women interested in public service. All events are free, with donations helping provide scholarships for the women in the programs. Graduates include Future PAC Executive Director Andrea Cooper and Pride NW Board President Debra Porta among many, many others.

Knute Buehler

Knute Buehler R-Bend. If you are telling yourself that there is no way this Republican representative from Central Oregon can make the Hot Column twice in as many weeks, you would be wrong. In spite of being in the minority, he is making his voice heard, this time as a member of the Health Care Committee. His amendment to HB2028 allowing pharmacists to prescribe and dispense birth control makes sense and would save women a lot of time and money. K-nice job, Knute. I'm guessing his invitation to Gayle Atteberry's Christmas party is going to get lost in the mail.

Race for Portland Community College Board

Gather around and let us mark this very special occasion, for this is the first time many of you have stopped to read something about the race for Portland Community College Board, Zone 3. With one month until election day, I am calling this race for Anita Yap. Not only does she have the endorsements of Governor Barbara Roberts, 80 percent of the Portland City Council and other notable electeds, she has almost doubled her opponent's fund-raising efforts. These are huge advantages considering about 500 people are going to turn out for this election.


Rose City Baseball LLC

What the hell were they thinking? Has any online poll in the history of online polls ever netted a good suggestion for the direction of a business? The answer is no and if you thought 'Well, there was that one time...', you are incorrect. So, to the owners of the newly minted Portland Pickles, for letting the fans choose your team name, you get the WTF award for the week. I look forward to this being a plot line in another unfunny thing happening in this city, Portlandia.

Portland Taxi Companies

The Portland City Council voted Tuesday to allow Uber and Lyft to operate in the city on a four month trial basis.  Either this is allowing rapists and murderers access to the poor carless denizens of this great city or this is the greatest free market, meeting-a-demand decision ever. It depends on who you ask. Whichever side you fall on, this has got to be the saddest taxi story ever. Second only to that Harry Chapin song.

Jeb Bush

If you were wondering, those "Mitt Romney 2012" bumper sticker covered cars were headed to the west hills for the two fundraisers the former Governor of Florida had in Portland this week. While running for President definitely meets the "Hot" criteria, charging 11k-12k a plate for dinner places him squarely in the "Not" category. How is a Joe Lunchbox supposed to afford that? 


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What political type are you? The Pew Research Center says most Americans fall into eight groups. Can you find your match?

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Steadfast Conservatives

Republicans who regularly attend religious services (55 percent attend at least weekly) and are very politically engaged. Steadfast Conservatives are mostly male (59 percent), non-Hispanic white (87 percent), and hold very negative thoughts towards immigrants/immigration.

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Photo Credit: Denise Cross Photography,Day 36/366.....I Voted, Feb 5 036/366, Live look
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Business Conservatives

If you are an individualist who invests in the stock market and believes the government is doing a bad job, then you might be a Business Conservative. Unlike Steadfast Conservatives, Business Conservatives believe that immigrants strengthen the country. Most Business Conservatives live in suburbs with 45 percent earning $75,000 a year or more. 

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Photo Credit: "Photos NewYork1 032". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Live look (image cropped)
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Solid Liberals

Educated liberals who are optimistic about the nation’s future and who continually support President Obama (with 84 percent approving his job performance) and, you guessed it, faithfully vote Democrat. Unlike Business Conservatives who prefer the suburbs, 45 percent of Solid Liberals prefer to live in a city.

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Photo Credit: "President Barack Obama, 2012 portrait crop" by Official White House Photo by Pete Souza 
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Young Outsiders

Are you a person that dislikes both Republicans and Democrats? Young Outsiders may lean towards the Republican Party, but heavily support the environment and liberal social policies, unlike their conservative counterparts. Also they are one of the youngest typology groups, with 30 percent under the age of 30. Young Outsiders are 73 percent non-Hispanic whites who think "poor people today have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return." 

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Photo Credit: Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson's Twitter Profile
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Hard-Pressed Skeptics

Like Young Outsiders, Hard-Pressed Skeptics doubt Democrats and Republicans, but lean towards the Democratic Party view, although fewer than half approve of Obama’s job performance. Difficult financial circumstances have left Hard-Pressed Skeptics to believe that “the poor have hard lives because government benefits don’t go far enough to help them live decently.”

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Photo Credit: By Dorothea Lange, Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information / Office of Emergency Management / Resettlement Administration [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons (image cropped) 
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Next Generation Left

You might just be a Next Generation Left if you're liberal on social issues: abortion, same-sex marriage and affirmative action. However, Next Generation Leftists deny the belief that racial discrimination is a barrier to success for racial minorities.

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Photo Credit: Jfruh at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0 Live look (image cropped)
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Faith and Family Left

This group is highly diverse with 30 percent African-American and 18 percent foreign born. Faith and Family Left want a greater government role in programs such as aid for the poor. However, they are conservative when it comes to social issues, like opposing same sex marriage and legalizing marijuana, probably because the majority put religion and family first. 

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Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar "play of light in santhome church" Live look (image cropped) 
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If you keep saying “I don’t get it, I don’t see myself as any of the types,” you might just be a Bystander, which means you're the person on the sidelines. You're more interested in celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce (are they really getting a divorce?) than government and politics. Noteworthy that Bystanders don't registered to vote, but do love the outdoors.  Some 66 percent of bystanders consider themselves an “outdoor person.”

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Photo Credit: By idrewuk (originally posted to Flickr as Hello hubbie!) [CC-BY-2.0 Live look, via Wikimedia Commons

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