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Martell Webster Joins Portland Music Scene During Season of Recovery

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Martell Webster

Watch out, Dame Dolla. Martell Webster is coming for your crown as the hip-hop king of the NBA.


In what’s become a year away from the court for Webster following hip surgery and a release from the Washington Wizards, the former Portland Trail Blazer has channeled his energy into music. In the 29-year-old’s own words, per Billboard.com’s Adelle Platon, "That was a little bit of a downer but instead of me just sulking and being depressed, I used that state of mind to really emerge lyrically."

And emerge he has. Despite his music career just coming to fruition, the Seattle native has a new music video titled “Give It Up” and will be performing at the 30th anniversary of the popular South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas over this week.


Webster’s label, EYRST, is located in Northwest Portland, according to Wweek.com’s Parker Hall. And as Billboard’s Platon points out, the Portland music scene offers the one-time Trail Blazer something special in his creative process.

"We believe in 'collabition’ in the sense of creating and making great art but in the midst of all that, it's competitive and brings the best out of both sides."

As you might have guessed, Webster has collaborated with Damian Lillard during the early stages of his newfound career. "He's got heart and a great work ethic that translates to the court," he told Platon. "He makes great music too."

Funny enough, Webster is a former No. 6 pick of the Trail Blazers (2005), while Lillard, whose rap career has boomed over the last year, was the sixth selection in 2012. So it begs the question that clearly must be asked: What other No. 6 pick from the franchise’s draft archive will expose himself as a lyrical mastermind next?

Brandon Roy? The former 2-guard was taken sixth just one year after Webster, and, yes, is another Seattle native.

Lionel Hollins? If dark times inspire powerful verses, the No. 6 pick from 1975 should have plenty to draw from considering his most recent gig was with the tire fire that is the lowly Brooklyn Nets.

No, there’s only one player Rip City would love to see eatured in Lillard’s next hit. One man who wasn’t drafted by Portland, but was a sixth pick by the Los Angeles Clippers and now resides in the Pacific Northwest.

The time is yours, Chris Kaman.

#4BarFriday is just a few days away.



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