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The Seattle Seahawks’ Road to Super Bowl 50

Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Well, that’s it folks! The NFL season is officially over and the Seattle Seahawks are back in the playoffs! Feel free to enjoy a reserved congratulatory handshake with the person next to you, as reigning NFC champion fans should. They finished the season at 10-6, which was good enough for the number six seed in the NFC and a Wild Card spot.

I remember a time not long ago when making the playoffs as a Wild Card was cause for dancing in the streets. However, those have become a distant memory, as Seattle has made four straight postseasons, including back-to-back Super Bowls in the last two years (winning in 2013). But this is a very different year. If Seattle wants to get back to the Super Bowl they’ll have to do it by winning on the road all the way until the end. 

Winning on the road is no easy feat in the NFL. In fact, only six teams have ever won three straight playoff games on the road, then won the Super Bowl, (played on a neutral field) to take the Lombardi Trophy home. Most recently, the Green Bay Packers did it in 2010, and most memorably the Pittsburg Steelers did in 2005, against the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle has arguably had the best home-field advantage of any team in the league these last few years, but this year the 12th man will have to travel if they want to impact games. First up, ‘Hawks, fans is a trip to Minnesota! That’s right, a return trip to the frozen NFC North where we last saw the Vikings decimated on their own field to the tune of a 38-7 loss to Seattle.

The Seahawks have opened up as five-point favorites next Sunday, even though they're on the road. History has shown, however, that it’s hard to beat a team at home twice in a season and Minnesota will surely be better prepared this time. When last the two teams met, the Vikings seemed to have a game plan that didn’t involve star running back Adrian Peterson, giving him only 12 touches that day, which was by far his fewest of any week this season. 

This time around you can bet they’ll give Peterson the ball until they’re sure it won’t work, and they’ll do their very best to use him to dictate the pace of the game and control the line of scrimmage. That’s all a lot easier said than done, as Seattle’s defense doesn’t seem willing to give up running yards to anyone, not even Peterson.

The team is coming off a 36-6 win over the division winning Arizona Cardinals and were able to take their opponent to the woodshed without starting players, Marshawn Lynch, Kam Chancellor, Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy. It’s likely all four of those players will be available for Sunday’s playoff game in Minnesota, so the Seahawks should be as healthy as they’ve been all year.

Other impressive notes from the Arizona game include Russell Wilson setting new franchise records with 4,024 passing yards and 34 touchdowns and Tyler Lockett continued his historic rookie season with 139 punt return yards. What does that sort of return game do for a team? Well, The Seahawks’ average starting point for each possession was the on the 47-yard line. That sort of advantage from the line of scrimmage makes it nearly impossible for opposing defenses.  

This Seattle team is a bit of an anomaly, as they’re both guaranteed to be a road team trough-out the playoffs, and probably the least favorable matchup for every other team in the NFC as well. And you guessed it, loyal-reader, they’re my pick to make it to the Super Bowl again this year.

No playoff team should ever be overlooked, even the Vikings. But the Seahawks are in a great position to get through the first round unscathed. After that they’d be headed to Carolina to take on the Panthers. And even that is probably looking a little further into the crystal ball than we should at this point. For the record, though, I can seriously see a scenario where we get a rematch of Super Bowl XL, Steelers Vs. Seahawks. Would there be a sweeter Super Bowl to win this year? I think not. 

Most years I'd say you could call me a homer for picking a sixth-seed to make it to the very end. However, this road team has been there the last two years, is finally getting healthy and looks like the best team in the NFC. Just for fun, here are my predictions for the first round of the playoffs. It’s looking to be one fantastic football weekend.


Seattle 34 Minnesota 17

Green Bay 27 Washington 24 (In Overtime)


Pittsburgh 31 Cincinnati 28

Kansas City 21 Houston 17

GoLocalPDX partner Oregon Sports News: Since 2011, Oregon Sports News has provided entertaining, hard-hitting local sports news & commentary every weekday. To read more from this author, check out Oregon Sports News by clicking here.


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Oregon State Football Goes Winless in Pac 12 Play

Not a memorable 2015 for Oregon State football who did not manage to win a game in Pac 12 play this season.

Oregon State was in it's first year under new coach Gary Anderson and will look for a better 2016.

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Seattle Seahawks Fall in Super Bowl

The New England Patriots battled through a nailbiter of a match to win Super Bowl XLIX, which ended in a physical altercation between several players. 

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to the 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Az. The Seahawks defense intercepted two of quarterback Brady's fully inflated passes, but it would be a New England interception in the final minute of the game that would seal the victory for the Patriots. 

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Great Places to Watch Games

Big games are coming up meaning it is time to gather up your friends and head out to a local bar and take in the action while also taking down a few drinks, maybe some nachos or wings.

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The 10 Dumbest Coaching Decisions in NFL History

It's always entertaining when NFL head coaches call what they think is a really good play or a really smart decision and then that decision goes completely wrong. Unless it's your team, then it's terrible.

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Timbers Advance to MLS Cup Final

The Timbers got to the MLS Cup final for the first time in the franchise's history with a 2-2 draw against FC Dallas, taking the Western Conference title by an aggregate score of 5-3. 

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Alex Morgan is Gone and Portland Thorns Fans are to Blame

The face of U.S. women’s soccer, the cover girl of EA Sports FIFA 16, and one of the most recognizable athletes in all of sports, Alex Morgan, is no longer with the Portland Thorns, and it’s all your fault. Because of your relentless support and record-setting attendance, Portland was able to give in to the request of its most recognizable player, sacrificing star power in favor of gathering more talent and potential to make the Thorns a better team. Much better.

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Bring the Arizona Coyotes to Portland

Let’s face it. You are a billionaire and while you don’t like to lose money, you own the Trail Blazers and the Seahawks for the fun of it and the thrill of competition.

You’ve obviously succeeded with the Seahawks (though I still don’t care).

And while your 25-year track record with the Trail Blazers is much more middling, the fact that the Trail Blazers remain in Portland owes much to you. In other words, your sports legacy in Seattle is secure in Seattle and probably intact in Portland, save another “Jail Blazers” stretch.

But if you want to cement your legacy in Portland – and have a blast doing it – bring the Coyotes here.

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Oregon’s Football Uniforms No Longer a Joke

It didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen solely because, but Oregon’s uniform revolution kick-started a metamorphosis of previously ugly ducklings into a sports nation of flourishing fowl.  The Ducks of today are not the Ducks of 20 years ago, and the punchline they were due to the innovative route they chose to take has become the road more travelled for everyone else trying to catch up.  They’re winning at an unprecedented rate, generating revenue at an unprecedented level, and attracting attention from prospects from unprecedented regions of the country.  It isn’t and accident and it isn’t a joke anymore.  

It appears the Ducks are the ones laughing now. 

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Oregon's 15 Hottest Athletes

GoLocalPDX identified the 15 hottest athletes in Oregon sports. The athletes span a wide range of sports from basketball, football, softball, soccer, gymnastics and more.

Who is the hottest athlete? check out the list.

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Marcus Mariota Selected #2 Overall to Tennessee

With the number two pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans selected Marcus Mariota.

While at Oregon he was the perfect role model. He was never seen doing anything he wasn’t supposed to do. He even made weekly visits to the Boys and Girls Club located in Eugene, Oregon. The only hiccup on his record was when he got a speeding ticket during the season. Yet, he paid it off immediately and accepted that he was in the wrong. This is something that Duck fans desperately needed to see after witnessing Jeremiah Masoli, Cliff Harris and Colt Lyerla not live up to their full potential because of poor decisions made off the field. To many Duck fans this is what made Mariota so special. 

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Jerome Kersey Passes Away at 52

Trail Blazers great Jerome Kersey died in Portland, Wednesday. He was 52.

A medical examiner's report released found that Kersey suffered a pulmonary thromboembolism when a blood clot from his calf dislodged from his calf and plugged in his lung.

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Brandon Roy’s Life After Basketball

Due to a number of knee ailments that dated back to his college days Roy was forced to retire from the NBA at the age of 28. It was later discovered that Roy suffered from degenerative knees, an ongoing issue that would provide additional problems in the future if he were to continue with his NBA career. Roy made the tough decision to call it a career after the 2012-2013 season.

Since his retirement from the NBA Roy has found another way to stay involved with the game that has brought him plenty of success.  

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Oregon Ducks Football Falls in National Championship Game

The first ever College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy will not be coming back to Oregon.

Kurt Helfrich’s Oregon Ducks could not hold off the gritty offense of Cardale Jones and the Ohio State Buckeyes, dropping 42-20. 

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Will Marijuana Use Cost the Ducks the National Championship?

Multiple reports surfaced late Friday that freshman Darren Carrington would be ineligible for Monday’s national championship against Ohio State for failing a random drug test, supposedly registering a positive for marijuana. 

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Portland Timbers Win MLS Cup Championship

The Portland Timbers defeated the Columbus Crew 2-1  to win the MLS Cup Championship. The first championship in franchise history.

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