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Huff Post Names Portland Beauty Capital You’ve Been Missing

Friday, November 28, 2014


Photo Credit: iStock (image cropped)

Portland is named the beauty capital you’ve been missing by online news and blog site Huffington Post.  

Major fashion cities usually hold this best of, in the beauty category, as Chanel Parks of Huffington Post stated “We usually consider locales like Paris, Tokyo and New York City as beauty industry meccas, but there's long been a robust community of handmade and natural beauty companies that have made their home in Stumptown.” 

For the Stach 

First up on Huffington Post list of best Portland made beauty products, is for all the men who are proud of their stache. Man’s Face Stuff, started in 2008 by handlebar mustache wearing BT Livermore and Evan Dumas. It all started with some spearmint-scented moustache wax, and now they're selling male grooming products such as waxes, beard balm, and lip balm. Check out their All Nighter Coffee and Pipe Tobacco stache wax and their Gin and Tonic Moustache Wax Tube

For the 90’s Goths 

Kim Damio of Portland Black Lipstick Company, makes of course black lipstick, but with black iron oxide and mica, making it long lasting and moisturizing. Also check out the Dark Sparkly Glitz perfect for that smoky eye, and the matte vegan Corpse Paint.  

For All Who go to the Spa Often 

Urban Oreganics by Emily Silverstein started looking for non toxic beauty products while she was pregnant. She creates her products in small batches and only test on her friends and family, never on animals. Look out for the Shave Butter in scents like Rosemary, Lavender, and Grapefruit, and vegan Facial Cleanser and Mask made of gluten free oats. 

For Every Portlander 

All natural deodorant has been a long standing beauty product in Portlanders bathrooms. Schmidt’s Deodorant, started by Jaime Schmidt sells 5 different deodorants for every health conscious person. The Lavender + Sage deodorant is perfect for that underarm odor, or opt for the Fragrance Free Deodorant if you're the type who likes your body’s natural scent.

Alima Pure

Other Products 

Other great natural product brands from Portland is natural cosmetics company Alima Pure. Kate O’Brian founder of Alima, started the company when her mother became ill, and when her daughter was experimenting with makeup. The vibrant eyeshadows have organic ingredients like  white tea extract, cocoa seed, and china clay. 

100 percent vegan and cruelty- free brand Pacifica was started in Montana by Brook Harvey Taylor, and is now headquartered in Northwest Portland. The Pacifica brand sells makeup, perfume, home and gift sets. My personal favorites are the paradise smelling Coconut Nectar Body Butter and the Tahitian Island Vanilla Body Wash.  

Homepage Photo Credit: iStock (image cropped)


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GoLocalPDX spoke with Brand Director, Alyson Hancock about Alima Pure’s top selling products and her personal favorites.

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"After Hours"

Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow: "After Hours" 


Buy it here

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Satin Matte Foundation: Comes in 61 different shades.  


Buy it here

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#25 Foundation Brush


Buy it here

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Lip Tint

Comes in seven different colors. 


Buy it here

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Natural Definition Mascara comes in black and brown and is more than 90% natural. 


Buy it here 

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Eye Pencil

Natural Definition Eye Pencil


Buy it here

Alima Pure 

Alima Pure, 18342 SE River Rd. [link to website], 97267,(503)-786-8224


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