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Ready-to-Wear Couture: Oscar Lopez, PFW Emerging Designer Winner

Friday, September 26, 2014


Oscar Lopez

Winner of the Emerging Designer Contest, Oscar Lopez Photo Credit: Portland Fashion Week

Oscar Lopez, known as the "ready to wear couture designer," creates custom fit "body armor" that is everyday wear, with a touch of haute couture elegance.   

A FIDM graduate and Oregon native, Lopez is a winner of Portland Fashion Week's Emerging Designer competition, and is launching his OSCAR DOMINIK clothing line.  

Portland Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer competition supports young local designers by giving them a chance to show a capsule collection during Portland Fashion Week.

“We help them get media coverage and connect them to local and international buyers, [as well as] in front of the press, VIP, and thousands of guests,” says Joanna Powiertowska, Portland Fashion Week marketing manager.

Lopez will be showing his capsule collection during Couture/Bridal Show night Oct. 1 at the Tents in Pioneer Square. 

GoLocalPDX: Why did you decide to enter the PFW Emerging Designer Competition?

Oscar Lopez: I have been watching Portland Fashion Week for the last few years and I've seen how much designers benefit and grow from it. This is a great opportunity, and since the competition was open to everyone I decided to give it a shot and I'm here now.  

You also won Los Angeles Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition. Can you describe the gowns you created? Where did your inspiration come from when designing the gowns?

Upon graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles, I felt the need to put myself out there and since LA is such a small-big town I was also entered as an emerging designer. I showed a two-piece capsule in which the inspiration was a Los Angeles landmark. I was given - and inspired by - Hollywood's Chinese theater. I created a tailored two-piece khaki suit with my signature style-cut. And also made a sheer kimono style wrap dress in a plum purple. 

How would you describe your fashions and style?

It's different, edgy, modern. It has attitude and is very high end. I was told I'm a "ready to wear couture designer." Being an American with Mexican roots makes this crazy kaleidoscope of inspiration and creativity. 

Can you describe the first dress you created?

Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory, Portland Fashion Week

Hahaha, yes! So my really good friend Tania Zavala had a pageant in about three days and she had no money but $20 to find a gown she could compete with. I told her, "Dude, let's just go find some fabric and take a chance, we'll make your dress!"

It was either a typical fluffy dress for a downtown gown store or we could make one out of nothing. So we did it. I made her a purple satin mermaid-style gown which had a shoulder train down the back and we just bedazzled the crap out of that shoulder piece. I used a PINK dress’s inner lining and called it a day. 

She competed and won that year and got best dressed on a $13 dress. It was so hilarious to me, the fact that all these girls had shopped $1,000 gowns and here she was with her winning $13 dress! It was great!

Can you describe your creative process? 

For any creative person I think that their imagination is their first initial inspiration. At least for me that's how it works, I usually see a shape, a shadow, or watch a movie. For this year’s collection I was inspired by the "Apocalypto" movie by Mel Gibson.

It's the background scenery, the visuals, and how they bring old history to life! I usually get stuck before I am able to create something. I have to get opinions from others. I have to stand back and look at it and evaluate who will actually be wearing this look. Oscar Dominick is a user-friendly brand with high attention to detail. And, of course, I do the whole sketching and fabrics sourcing, etc. The entire process of creating a collection is beautiful from beginning to end.

What are your plans for the future?  

I have been doing this for seven-plus years and haven't stopped since. I want to expand my brand and show OSCARDOMINICK  to those who have not yet seen it! 

I will have an online store soon, so look out for OSCARDOMINICK.com and I want to continue to do shows at the fashion weeks. Possibly Project Runway?

Who knows? Nothing planned ever comes out perfectly, so we'll see where life takes me. Whatever it is, I'm excited and ready to tackle it down. 

To see Oscar Lopez’s capsule collection at Portland Fashion Week buy tickets here.

Banner Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory, Portland Fashion Week


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FIDM graduate and Oregon native Oscar Lopez, speaks with GoLocalPDX about his win for Portland Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer Contest, his creative process, and launching his OSCAR DOMINIK clothing line.  

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Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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Photo Credit: Lavenda Memory (image cropped) 

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For more information about Lopez, click here


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