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Seattle Seahawks Lose Game In Overtime to Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Seattle Seahawks Mascot Pictured above.

In Cincinnati this afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks blew a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter, allowing the Cincinnati Bengals to crawl back and eventually take the victory in overtime.

What seemed like a well-played game from Seattle, would eventually turn into a disaster. With the absence of their star running back, Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks had to rely on a number of backups to bring their running game to life. Seattle backup running back, Thomas Rawls, managed to do well for the Seahawks finishing with 23 carries, 169 yards and a touchdown. 

Overall, it seems this is becoming more of a pattern recently, the Seahawks inconsistencies on both offense and defense would be the credit of their downfall.

The Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton had an impressive game throwing 30-44 for 331 yards, 2 touchdowns and just one interception. The passing combination between Dalton and tight end Tyler Eiffert, who had two touchdowns on the day was simply unstoppable. Eiffert time after time continued to make big plays, and keep Seattle's secondary on their heels.

The Bengals running game was nothing to brag about, but it certainly helped them take the game back late. Bengals running back, Giovani Bernard, tore up Seattle's defense in the fourth quarter. Bernard made the most of his 15 carries and 80 yards as they seemed to come in the most ideal moments.

Eventually, after a long hard fight leading to double overtime, it would be the Cincinnati Bengals that would walk away with the victory at home. Following 42-yard game winning field goal from Mike Nugent, the Bengals advance to 5-0 on the season.


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The Green Bay Packers Defense Shut Down Marshawn Lynch

In last night's game, Marshawn Lynch had 15 carries for 41 yards. The Green Bay Packers' defensive line was inside Lynch's head all game, managing to shut him down at or behind the line of scrimmage time after time. Lynch was certainly not a factor in Sunday night's game. Beast mode's longest run of the night was just 11 yards. The serious problems with the Seahawks' ground game put loads of pressure on their passing game, which in turn was struggling a little less than their run game.

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Jimmy Graham Not a Primary Target Against Packers

The newly acquired tight end for the Seahawks had an impressive first debut last week against the Rams, but a less than mediocre performance this week. However, it was not all his fault. Graham was only thrown to twice, one of which he picked up a significant 11 yard gain. What gives Russell Wilson? Packers pass coverage was good, I'll admit it, but instant replays showed recurring opportunities for Wilson to find Graham in open space. Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson need to get back on the same page.

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Russell Wilson Struggles to Stay Poised in the Pocket

Too many times last night we saw Russell Wilson on the run, and getting tackled after picking up a minimal gain. Either the Seahawks offensive line was doing an ineffective job, or Russell Wilson wasn't staying poised as a quarterback. Either way, this lead to a terrible passing performance from the Seahawks. A panicky Russell Wilson is not useful. Overall, pressured or not, Wilson missed too many passing opportunities last night. 

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Seahawks Defense Outplayed by Packers Offense

The Seahawks defesive unit gave up 361 total yards against the Packers. The Seahawks defensive unit gave the Packers 34 minutes of possesion time. The Seahawks defensive unit needs Kam Chancellor back. The Packers tore apart Seattle with their passing game. The Seahawks need to swallow their pride so we can regain Kam Chancellor and find our groove on defense again. Everyone in Seattle's defense seems lost without their star safety, and it is losing them games.

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No Big Kick Return from Tyler Lockett

The rookie phenomenon, Tyler Lockett, has given the Seahawks key punt and kick returns throughout the preseason and on into the regular season. His big plays have always been a huge energy blast for Seattle, but not this week. Lockett's return game was less than adequate against Green Bay. I think the other teams around the NFL are starting to learn their lesson about kicking to Tyler Lockett.


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